Livestock Live (LSL) Mart Software

Livestock Live (LSL) Mart Software

Livestock Live (LSL) Mart Software is a leading provider of auction house software for Livestock Marts. Covering Ireland and the United Kingdom the company is driven by innovative development in software.

LSL Mart Software is approved by the Irish Government, Department of Agriculture Food and Marine (DAFM), Animal Identification Movement (AIM).

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If your mart use Livestock Live LSL Mart Software, you can access your account and live mart auction information online or via our App

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What we offer

As well as mart auction software, Livestock Live Mart Software connects Livestock Marts with their clients, buyers and sellers using internal mart software and mobile App available on iPhone and Android. Connecting the future, protecting the past.

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Allow mart clients to access mart accounts, statements and live auction information

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Mart Software Features and Modules

LSL Marts software Modules
AIM Movement Certified
Check-in Animal Lots via Mobile Phone
Pre Check-in lots Via the LSL Mart App
Ring Auctioneer and Ring Display Module
Front office Payments, Invoicing and Pass-out
Client Accounting
Backoffice Reporting
Mart Live Streaming
Online Bidding & View Images Via LSL Mart APP
Mart Client Texting Function
Central Point Recording for Sheep AIM Approved
Bluetooth IED Wand Module

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