Market Insight

  • Weanling bulls

    IE /IE
    €2.60 per Kg
  • Bullocks

    IE /IE
    €2.22 per Kg
  • Steers

    IE /IE
    €2.19 per Kg
  • Heifers

    IE /IE
    €2.20 per Kg
  • Cattle-Montbelliarde

    £1.53 per Kg
  • Cattle-British Blue

    £1.49 per Kg
  • Cattle-Aberdeen Angus

    £1.31 per Kg
  • Cattle-Limousin

    £1.62 per Kg
  • Cattle-Black & White

    £1.32 per Kg
  • Cattle-Blonde

    £1.28 per Kg
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  • Non-Livestock Items, Farm Machinery, Bedding, Meal, No Fees
  • Mart On-Line Auction Software, No License Fees

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  • 2 In Auction
  • 21539 In Stock Area

Auction Amount Through LSL

  • 684,616 EUR
  • 57,579 GBP
  • 5,323 USD

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