Farmers & growers are urged to get their planning applications in as soon as possible as fees are set to increase by 20% in July 2017

Posted 29/03/2017

The government are set to increase planning fees by 20% in July, an unwelcome move for many farmers due to the considerable fees they already pay. For example agricultural buildings are based on floor spaces and already have fees which vary from £80 - £250,000. The new increased fees have become an issue for many farmers who can potentially pay thousands towards applications.

However the government’s argument to increased fees suggest the additional money can be used to fund planning departments, they will also consult on any further increased fees for local planning authorities dependent on whether they are  improving their service and committing to improving performance.

The National Farmers Union (NFU) have stated they are unable to stop the government’s change in fees but will continue to fight further on the issue.