How does My e-Marts work?

My e-Mart: Video - Lot - Auction - Bids - Sale – Mart

How ‘My e-Mart’ works, step by step guide


  1. Download the Free ‘LSL App’ from Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Register your herd number, email, mobile and name
  3. LSL Farm Management App, ‘Herd Monitor’ is free of subscription and free to use.
  4. Enter ‘Herd Monitor’ area on the LSL App & Switch Agfood to ‘Livestock Live Limited’ as your software provider. If you are currently using another provider, you need to choose ‘End Date’. It will take Agfood 24 hours, then re-enter Agfood and choose ‘Livestock Live Limited’
  5. Click ‘My e-Mart’ button in LSL Farm Monitor area.
  6. Choose the Mart you wish to bring your animals to be weighed and organise Payment (If your local mart is not on LSL, contact the mart and ask them to register with LSL My e-Mart)
  7. Choose the animals you wish to sell in the ‘Tag Number’ drop-down box
  8. Enter an estimated weight per kilo or if you have a weighing scales, enter exact weight
  9. Record a video of the animal “Including the Tag Number” and upload to the lot using Upload Video button.
  10. Start the ‘My e-Mart’ auction.
  11. The auction will be available in the My e-Mart button on the home screen of LSL App and Livestock Live Website.
  12. When the bids reach the price, you are happy with per kilo, click ‘Accept Bid’
  13. The My e-Mart will end and your ‘chosen mart’ will be informed.
  14. The mart will contact you to arrange an appointment to bring the animals to the mart and have them weighed. The price paid will be amended to the exact weight per kilo as per the mart’s scales.
  15. The mart facilitates the payment for your lots.



  1. Register on the ‘LSL App’ or ‘Livestock Live’ Website.
  2. Enter the ‘e-Mart’ area
  3. Search and choose the lots you wish to bid on.
  4. Click ‘next bid’ which will increase your bid by €10 above current bid, or you can enter your ‘highest offer’. If you enter your highest offer, LSL bidding platform will counter bid for you against any other bids up to your max offer.
  5. If you are successful, the mart the seller has chosen to manage the weigh and pay of the lot will contact you to arrange payment and collection.
  6. The animals will be brought to the mart and weighed. The purchase price will be amended to the exact price per kilo of the animal when weighed at the mart. Marts will charge normal commission to facilitate the marketing, sale, weighing and payment of each lot.

Marts may only be open on specific days of the week, therefore collection of lots may only be available on these days. By bidding on the LSL e-Marts platform you agree to pay the amended price per kilo for each animal, when weighed at the mart. This may be higher or lower than the estimated weight. Exact weights may vary from the time weighed on a farm verses the mart. Mart weights always take precedent and payments are made on mart weights.

Pay and collection of lots at marts are by appointment only.


Livestock Live Limited facilitate the auction platform and do not physically hold animals or lots. Livestock Live Limited are not responsible for payment of lots. Weights estimated by sellers are estimated weights.